Celebrating Life's Moments w/ Capital One

This post was created in partnership with Capital One

If you are anything like me, you spend most of your money on food. Luckily Capital One is here to reward my inner foodie. Capital One just launched the Savor℠ card, which rewards people with unlimited 3% cash back on dining, 2% on groceries and 1% on all other purchases. Click here to learn more!

My typical day starts with breakfast at home. My current obsession is roasted sweet potato with cinnamon, sliced avocado and a touch of lemon juice. Some mornings I’ll mix it up with a green smoothie. After spending a few hours returning emails and figuring out what I want to post for you guys, I’m ready for lunch. If I don’t have photoshoots lined up, I’ll usually stop at a local fast casual spot so I can grab something quick and healthy. Around 3pm, I am desperate for (another) caffeine break. I probably go through 5+ cups of green tea per day tbh. My stomach usually starts growling again around 4pm, so I’ll grab an afternoon snack like doughnuts or ice cream. A few times a week I’ll make a grocery run to pick up any essentials before heading home because an avocado-less home is not a happy one. A good day usually ends with dinner out with friends at one of my D.C. favorites followed by binge-watching my favorite shows.


Food is such an important part of life. Whether it's brunch with friends, cooking dinner for your family or binge-watching your favorite TV show with a pint of ice cream, food is often a part of life's best moments. We all have that one food that takes us back in time whenever we see it, taste it and even smell it. For me, that food is pizza. It was there for all of my birthday parties as a kid. It was there for me when my family was snowed in for a week and the only place that would deliver was the neighborhood pizza spot. And it's there for me when I'm out with friends and need a jumbo slice. For me, food has always been about more than just the taste. It has been about the experience, and about sharing that experience with family and friends. The Savor card gives Capital One customers an even more rewarding way to enjoy moments like these. Click here to learn more about the Savor Card so that you can start getting more out of your food and dining purchases.