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Bethesda Magazine | March/April 2017 Edition

IT’S 3 O’CLOCK ON A Thursday afternoon at Community, an upscale diner in Bethesda’s Woodmont Triangle. The few customers at the bar pay little notice to Justin Schuble, the 22-year-old confidently setting up his camera tripod in the middle of the restaurant. Then, a server delivers an open-faced cheeseburger to his table. Schuble assesses it briefly and assembles it, fluffing the dill pickles, razor-thin onion slices, slab of hothouse tomato and thicket of shredded lettuce. He picks up the construct and holds it at arm’s length just above eye-level, his hand barely visible. With his other hand, he grabs his Sony Alpha A6000 digital camera, brings it to his face and snaps a picture that more than a hundred thousand people could potentially see.


What the DC Food Porn Blogger ACTUALLY Eats in a Day Will Make You So Jealous

Washingtonian | February 22, 2017

If you were to scroll casually through Georgetown University student Justin Schuble’s Instagram handle, @DCFoodPorn, you might think the guy subsists on Instagram-friendly food—doughnuts, pizza, ice cream, waffles, tacos—alone. But does he actually eat it all?

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DC's Most Influential Instagram Stars & the Local Hot Spots They Love

Capitol File | November 21, 2016

Justin Schuble is a Georgetown University business student with a passion for food and an eye for design. His Instagram account has captured the attention of more than 100,000 followers who make and break reservations based on his posts. “It’s amazing how the littlest thing can affect how I approach my work moving forward,” Schuble says. “When I look back at my old photographs, it’s crazy to see how much my style has changed. I attribute that to the talented people who have inspired me over the years.”

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The Best Food Instagrammers In The World


Since we talked about @ChicagoFoodAuthority above, it's only fair that we throw some love at another one of the biggest and baddest city-specific accounts on Instagram: @DCFoodPorn. Justin Schuble owns DC and if you want to keep up with what's going on in one of the hotter US food cities of the moment, this is one account you need to follow.

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From sweet treats to drippy cheese, students are hopping on the foodstagram bandwagon

USA TODAY COLLEGE | July 29, 2016

Location-based accounts have, by default, become restaurant guides for visiting and resident foodies. This includes accounts like @DCfoodporn and @New_Fork_City, which is also run by college students.

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Get the Inside Scoop on How Justin Schuble of @DCfoodporn Became Insta-famous

Spoon University | October 4, 2015

This month Spoon GU is featuring interviews with some of DC’s top Instagram celebrities. We were able to catch up with Georgetown’s very own Justin Schuble of @dcfoodporn this week. Check him out — we dare you not to salivate.

Grammer of the Week: #TastyTakeovers Recap with @DCfoodporn

Yahoo Style | July 6, 2015

Every week we’re teaming up with a popular food-stagrammer who is filling it with some of their own delicious pics. Over fourth of July weekend, student and photographer Justin Schuble of @dcfoodporn takes us around our nation's capitol for some patriotic eats. Check out his #TastyTakeovers in the slideshow above!


DC FOOD PORN: Justin Schuble's passion for the ART of food pays off!


Get to know JUSTIN SCHUBLE. He's DMV born-and-raised. He's going to Georgetown. And his love for taking photos of food at restaurants across the DC area have made him one of the most-followed foodies on the Internet today.

That's right. DC FOOD PORN.

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10 Instagram Accounts to Follow If You’re a Foodie

FabFitFun |May 18, 2016

Scroll through Instagram right now and you’ll probably see photos of models, hip cafes, and some fashion blogger’s OOTD. Instagram is so saturated with the same types of photos these days… but we can never get enough of those mouthwatering food shots, otherwise known as #foodporn.

If you need a good dose of #foodporn or another excuse to browse through Instagram, check out our list of must-follow foodie Instagram accounts. We suggest you eat a decent meal before, though. Bon appetit!


5 D.C. food Instagrammers worth turning notifications on for

The Washington Post | April 6, 2016

Last week Instagram was littered with users begging followers to turn on notifications in light of news that the app will be switching to a new algorithm. We asked D.C.’s most prolific food ‘grammers which accounts are worth keeping up with.