Guest Post: 7 DC SPOTS FOR VEGGIE LOVERS w/ @thecuttingveg

Hi chickpeas! My name is Sarah and I run the hot-and-popping Instagram account @thecuttingveg. And, like the name suggest, I am the expert on where in DC you can get your veggie fix. Whether you are a vegetarian (like me!) or need to take a break from the #cheeseporn, I’ve got your spots. For those of you that we haven’t met before, here are five fun facts about me!


1.     I currently live in Philadelphia, PA and am a Ph.D. student studying economics of healthcare. Prior to this, I worked in Washington DC for two years (hence, the credentials)

2.     I became a vegetarian my freshman year of college after eating some very deceivingly undercooked meat. Safe to say it scared me for life.

3.     I have a cockapoo named Domino that lives with my parents. He’s the cutest dog ever, but I may be a little biased

4.     I used to dance ballet 12 hours a week in high school. And my crooked toes still prove it

5.     Favorite foods are palak panner, roasted butternut squash, and whole milk yogurt with crunchy peanut butter and raspberries



If you do not get the palak paneer at this place, you are seriously missing out. This Indian restaurant has around 10 vegan and 15 vegetarian options, so you will always have that glorious problem of never being able to decide what you want. With rice and chickpeas, a mountain of dinner will only set you back $10.




If there is one cuisine DC does exceptionally well compared to the rest of the country, it is Ethiopian food. This Adam’s Morgan dive is hands down my absolute favorite. You can see the women making the food in the back kitchen and the seasoning on everything from the lentils to the greens is no joke!




When it comes to restaurants, I am always on the lookout for creative flavors and high quality products. Chaia hits both of these for me! They make their own corn tortillas and their plant based tacos blow away with their flavor. The beet taco is always my number one choice. Make sure you stack on an egg on the weekends.




This fast casual restaurant by Jose Andres is veggie-loving eating at its finest. You can customize your bowl to feature whatever veggies you want and there are a variety of sauces that are full of flavor. The Frieda Kale with the black bean sauce is my absolute favorite!





The best loaf of bread I have ever had has come from Seylou. They mill their own flour from grains around the DMV and bake their loaves fresh every day. The Misborscht with buckwheat and rye is my absolute favorite loaf. I also never leave without grabbing an almond croissant or one of their tartines.




Located inside of Union Market, DC Dosa is one of my favorite places for a delicious yet affordable lunch. I always grab a mung bean lentil base and grab all of the toppings. It’s delicious, filling, and an all around flavor BOMB.




This Mediterranean fast casual serves up some of the best pita sammies I’ve ever had. The eggplant burger is usually my go to here but I also love the black bean. Don’t forget an extra order of polenta fries.

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