Back to Virginia for Wine and Food

I had such a blast in Virginia with the Virginia Tourism Corporation a few weeks ago that I decided to go back with my family. I wanted to show them some of my favorite Vineyards and restaurants and explore some new places along the way.

Is it too early for wine 🍷 @blenheimvineyards // TAG A WINE LOVER

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We spent two nights in Charlottesville, stopping at Pippin Hill Vineyards (tasting + lunch), Blenheim Vineyards (tasting), and Barboursville Vineyards (tasting + lunch).

Some other highlights from our time in Charlottesville were Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar (tea house with killer gf+vegan brownies), Mudhouse (coffee shop), Mas (best tapas I've ever had!) and Ten (incredible sushi and Japanese dishes).

We spent our last night at the Inn at Willow Grove, stopping on our way at Early Mountain Vineyards for a tasting.

Doesn't get much better than sushi topped with steak 🙌🏼 📍from @ten.sushi in Charlottesville // TAG A SUSHI OR STEAK LOVER

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Virginia is a state rich in history and the birthplace of American wine. With over 280 wineries and 3,800 acres of breathtaking vineyards, Virginia has become a true wine destination. Virginia is currently commemorating its history with AMERICAN EVOLUTION™. The 2019 Commemoration showcases Virginia's Democracy, Diversity and Opportunity. The Commonwealth of Virginia is a leader in education, innovation, economic development and tourism. The 2019 Commemoration, AMERICAN EVOLUTION™, highlights events that occurred in Virginia in 1619 that continue to influence America today. The multi-year initiative includes events, programs and legacy projects that highlight important events of 1619 Virginia that have impacted the history of Virginia and America. AMERICAN EVOLUTION™ also explores the 400 years of intervening history and how 1619 issues that faced the English colonists, Africans and Indians are still relevant today.


Virginia is rich in history, with beautiful vineyards and a world-class food scene. Add it to your travel hit list!

This post was created in partnership with Virginia Tourism Corporation

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