Fajitas and Margaritas at Uncle Julio's

Last week, my cousin Lindsay and I sat down for some margaritas and fajitas at Uncle Julio's in Bethesda. After sitting down in the bar, we were immediately greeted with chips and smokey salsa. The chips were warm and crisp, making it nearly impossible to resist finishing the basket. We ordered drinks -- a Margarita of the Day (Watermelon) for Lindsay and The Swirl for me, which was a frozen margarita and frozen sangria swirled together and served in a chilled glass. Both drinks were perfectly sweet and strong. We couldn't decide which we liked better.

For dinner, we ordered tableside guac (obviously!) and fajitas. Lindsay got chicken fajitas and I got steak and chicken fajitas. We were both very pleased with our choices. As a kid, I loved eating fajitas at Uncle Julio's and still remember playing with the dough balls they would give to the kids. I have to say that Uncle Julio's is just as much fun, if not more fun, as an adult. The food was great and the margaritas made everything that much more entertaining. Until next time, Uncle Julio!  

Justin SchubleComment