Best of Rome - Recap + Recommendations

Is it possible to fall in love with a city? Well I have. After spending two weeks in Rome, studying the Ancient city by morning and exploring the modern capital by night, I have come to know and love this beautiful place. Below are some recommendations based on my short time in Rome. Please comment below with your favorite dishes and restaurants since I was only able to scratch the surface of the amazing food this city has to offer.

Brunch: Coromandel

Address: Via di Monte Giordano 60/6100186 Roma (Navona)

DCFP Recommended Dishes:

  • Mimosas
  • Selezione di formaggi (selection of cheeses)
  • Egg benedict classico o con salmone (eggs benedict classic or with salmon)
  • Waffle con crema pasticcera e fragole (waffle with custard and strawberries (only saturday and sunday))
  • Cinnamon toast (with peanut butter and jam)

Japanese: Somo

Address: Via G. Mameli 500153 Roma (Trastevere)

DCFP Recommended Dishes:

  • Roast Beef di manzo "Kobe" ("Kobe" roast beef with orange pulp and vegetables)
  • Riso saltato con verdure e gambieri al profumo di erbe thai e cocco (fried rice with vegetables and prawns, thai herbs and coconut milk scented)
  • Rainbow Roll
  • "Teriyaky" pollo laccato alla giapponese (teriyaki chicken)
  • Tortino al cioccolato aromatizzato allo zenzero con frutti di bosco (chocolate cake flavored with ginger berries)

Coffee/Juice Bar: Barnum Cafe

Address: Via del Pellegrino 87 (near Campo di Fiori)

DCFP Recommended Dishes:

  • Cafe Latte (Soy Vanilla Latte pictured above)
  • Fresh Pressed Juices 

    Lunch: Il Chianti Vineria

    Address: Via del Lavatore 81/82/82A - 00187 Roma (near Trevi Fountain)

    DCFP Recommended Dishes:

    • Tomino al Forno su Crostone di Pane con Composta di Fichi (Baked Tomino cheese with bread and figs compote)

    • Tortelli di Zucca al Burro Fuso e Menta (Pumpkin tortelli with melted butter and mint)

    Gelato/Sorbetto: Giolitti

    Address: Via Uffici del Vicario, 40 – Roma

    You can find gelato on almost every block in Rome. A spot worth stopping at will:

    1. be called a Gelateria (rather than a Restaurant that happens to serve one or two flavors of Gelato)
    2. have a large selection of flavors (Giolitti has an amazing selection, including Champagne and Bailey's flavored gelato)
    3. look good (don't be afraid to inspect the place and leave if the Gelato doesn't look creamy and delicious)

    Here is a link to Trip Advisor's best Gelato in Rome recommendations by neighborhood

    Student Discount: Hostaria del Moro (Ristorante da Tony)

    Located in the heart of Trastevere, "Tony's" was probably one of my favorite restaurants of the trip (we went 3 times!). If you are a student it's even better. The "Student Deal" offers endless wine, appetizers, pasta and dessert for $20 a person. If you are not a student, this is still a great choice. The prices are fair and the food is incredible. I absolutely loved the caprese, penne all' arrabiata, gnocchi and the fresh salmon. Seriously, this is a must try!

    Comment below with your Rome recommendations.